Order a Painting

    Commission an Original

    1. Select a Medium

     Watercolor or Pastel on board

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    2. Upload photos

    Mark creates commissioned pieces from photographs. Please upload at least 1 photograph of non-copywrited content.

    3. Select size

    Artwork Category 8x10 9x12 11x14 16x20
    Watercolor or Pastel on board$550$650$800$1250

    4. Review FAQs

    What photo should I choose?
    In selecting a photograph, consider how it would look as a painting or drawing. Feel free to provide additional photographs to clarify facial expression, background, etc. Although Mark became famous for copying master works, this website will not support the commissioning of copyrighted images, so please only upload non-copywrited materials.

    Can the background be altered?
    The background and clothing can be changed. If you have specific requests, please note them in the comment box.

    How fast will I receive my Mark Landis Original?
    Commission request volume varies by media appearances, and turnaround times vary accordingly. Orders typically process about 4 weeks. If the commission is for a special event, please let us know ahead of time so we can manage accordingly.

    5. Review Guidelines

     I authorize my photo and finished work to be included on the website.
     I certify that the photos provided are owned by me and do not represent an attempt to commit a forgery of copyrighted work.
     I acknowledge that Mark Landis has the right to artistic license when interpreting his vision for each work of art.

    Note: Each commission must be ordered separately. Please submit a new form for each commission request.