Mark Landis craves artistic expression and finds strength in the validation he receives from it. He’ll correct you if you call him an artist because his art, like his life, is not what it first appears to be. It is a different definition of original, just as he is. Mark sometimes has difficult days, but through his art he finds purpose and meaningful human connection.

It’s true; Mark can duplicate a Mona Lisa that will make you think it’s the original. His multidimensional talent is undeniable — just ask the many museum curators surprised to find they own a Landis replica. But with Mark, his uncanny gift is just another facet of his remarkable personality. His artistic versatility and ability to connect to his subjects is what people find so awe-inspiring. Through painting, Mark discovers the soul of each subject and brings it to life as part of his personal journey.

You can currently see Mark and his artwork featured in the documentary Art and Craft and the travelling museum exhibition, Intent to Deceive. You can also watch an interview with Mark about his story on ABC’s Nightline.

Mark also creates custom commission works based on customer-submitted photographs. In honor of the many other people who experience the same challenges as Mark, a portion of each commission will be donated toward mental illness awareness.

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